Saturday, January 13, 2018

This Week . . . .

Did anyone notice the robot "pole dancers" at CES?
They had heads made from a well known surveillance camera. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sheldrake’s Ten Dogmas of Modern Science

(1) Nature is mechanical , like a machine – animals and we too are machines

(2) Matter is unconscious

(3) The laws of nature are fixed

(4) The total amount of matter and energy remains the same.

(5) Nature is purposeless

(6) Biological inheritance is material – all of your attributes came from DNA, imprinted behaviours and other material sources.

(7) Memories are stored materially in our brains

(8) Your mind is nothing but the activity of your brain

(9) All psychic phenomena are illusory

(10) Mechanistic medicine is the only one that works. Complimentary or alternative medicines may appear to work but that is just an illusion or happenstance.

 Thanks to Rupert Sheldrake for these. 


I am not a member of any religion, creed or caste.
(I was briefly a member of the Sydney Atheist society but then it got all too hard to get to and they wanted more money so that was the end of that. Don't even get started on why we need an "Atheist society" in the first place!)

I don’t “believe” anything: why I do is collect evidence and assemble it in a rational way to get glimpses of a bigger picture that I theorise exists. Normally I am content to watch other people do their digging and enjoy the intelligent analysis of people I trust – in general.

Nobody gets all of it right – for example I have heard a number of people making supportive noises about a certain movie that shows (supposedly) a UFO being chased by a USN jet fighter. Then I listened to John Lear give his sixpence worth: he called it BS because it just doesn’t even look realistic and the pilots don’t talk like real Navy pilots. I am very glad that John said it because right from the first time I saw it something looked fake to me but I couldn’t identify all of the reasons why – and he has a lot of experience that strongly suggests it is fake.
But I digress.

For a while last year I was watching “Cosmic Disclosure” with DavidWilcock and Corey Goode – not because I believed it all but because it had a certain entertainment value even though there was never any supporting evidence for the grandiose claims made.

Then there was one day on a bus to work where at least two people actually set out to mock them – to me directly. I won’t bother you with the details but the event stuck in my mind because someone planned that, and it suggested that they needed to refute Corey Goode’s stories to me.
I don’t know anyone who would do that.

The two people disappeared before I could do anything – and besides, I had to get to work.
Those who did it had to locate me to carry this out, which means they have at the very least some surveillance chops – but the big one is why.
Why bother? 

I paid a whole ten dollars a month or something pitiful like that to the host, “Gaia TV” which also has lots of videos about how to meditate and a lot of other "new age" type stuff which I have not bothered with. Does someone want to kill Gaia TV so bad they are paying people to destroy their paying customers or is it something specific to Cosmic Disclosure?

Why was someone watching what I watch on the internet in the first place?
What did they hope to gain?
I have no idea.
So I am left with a big WTF. 

Just so you know. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Contenders, episode four (or is it five? I forget)

Author’s note:
I won’t bother with the whole series, just know that I have been considering a replacement for my current computer and this is the survey of possible contenders.
I started off looking at server machines because I like reliable solid gear but after digging into the costs of buying the parts and seeing it was around $10k I decide to rethink. 
Here is the chart I made up comparing CPU power and cost for high end desktop gear:

So, from the CPU chart it can be seen that although server grade Xeon CPUs beat the heck out of anything else, the wallet is going to be bitten hard: and note that cost is only the CPUs, one must add in the cost of the rest of the machine too . . . . . . so why insist on server gear? Will I be running it 24/7? nope. Will it need to be running full bore all the time? Nope.
Ten grand is a year’s worth of savings for me so anything I buy better be worth it.
Sooooo . . . . how about the latest Intel CPUs?
The Core i9-7980XE looks impressive but once again the wallet will suffer for it and then there are a couple of other issues: first, it uses a lot of power and generates a lot of heat to get that performance so you better make sure it has lots of cooling, and then there is the matter of getting hold of one: nobody is selling made up machines with one in . . . . .
So that leads to the current top-of-the-heap from Intel, the Core i9-7900X.
I wouldn’t be getting one without a GTX 1080 Ti GPU card as that is the best current one - so, after a bit of digging around here are a new group of contenders - all have the 7900X and a GTX1080 Ti, I didn’t care so much about the other bits.

(1) PCCG Phantom                                                         $6899
Has two 1080 Ti’s in SLI (joined config)

(2) Alienware Area 51                                                   $5999 ($1000 discount)

(3) Kenjun Special                                                         $5084

(4) Newegg Battlebox                                                    $4257

This might look simple but there are hidden costs: all must be shipped to your door and the Newegg will come from California. I can’t get any info about how much shipping will cost at the moment – Newegg didn’t answer my question. 

Both (1) and (3) ship inside Australia. If I knew what the shipping cost of the Battlebox was I might choose it first but I get that sneaky feeling it’s going to hike up the price near the $5k line again and the Battlebox has one of those garish glass-n-lights boxes too. 

The PCCG is a bit pricey - even if you pull one of the GTX cards and The SLI bridge out, it still comes in at $5561 - and they won’t let you change the config, you have to take what they sell and change it yourself after which sucks. 

The best is the Kenjun, they will let you change things once you have placed your order and it comes in a plain black case instead of one of those ugly glass-and-lights thingos. They are based in QLD so it should not be too pricey to get a delivery and I could even maybe get the door replaced with one that does not have glass but sound deadening instead. Nice, quiet, plain black box: I want all the action in my computer to be on the screen.
This should give a net performance gain of either 164 % according to Passmark or 184% according to Geekbench when compared to my current computer. 
Yeah, benchmarking is crap huh? If you get nothing else from this article, bear this in mind. Look at the three benchmarking columns above - and how consistent they are. not. 
I was really hoping to double my performance but the only way to do that without going overboard is the 7980XE – well, unless I go back to the server gear again and that adds $4k-$5k to the cost.

Considering that this (current) computer has cost me about $7k without including several extras (SSD’s, GPU card, RAM), paying out $5k doesn’t sound too bad. It also has upgrade potential that the old one lacks. Well, okay, it looks that way at the moment but then many have been infuriated in the past by changes in sockets, chips and so on so it doesn’t pay to get too optimistic about that.

Well, regardless of that, I maintain that if it took me six months to save the money I should take a corresponding long time to spend it too.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A little ignorance . . . . .

This is an example of ignorance that I chose because it is typical of the simple minded folks who really don't want to kow the truth. This is a dramatic oversimplification of complex matters.

Space suits such as the astronauts wore for the Apollo missions  would not protect you from the radiation in the Fukushima reactor because they were never designed to protect against that strength of Gamma radiation.  Note that the author does not seem to know the difference between Gamma rays and alpha and beta rays such as would be found in the Van Allen radiation belts - or that the Apollo missions only passed through the very thinnest part of the belts - ah, but that is all too complicated, right? 

The moon missions went through the belts very near the north pole. Note also that NASA has sent satellites through the VanAllen belts.

Lucky is the fool who did not put his name to this work.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Land Beyond Part 3

Since my last post there has been a big blowback directed at Corey Goode and David Wilcock of “Cosmic Disclosure” on Gaia TV website for not providing any real supporting evidence for the claims made in their show.
I’m not going to get into that here, except to say that I have found more careful, evidence supported analysis from others – and thus for this episode, the few who get good scores from me.

First, Richard Dolan. Richard has a good analytical approach to the whole “UFO Scene” - he has a lot to say and it’s carefully though out. 
Plenty of Youtube vids to get you started, then
Richard is one person who has expressed skepticism about Corey Goode and his associates, and noted what appears to be a lot of connections to the “new age” ideology, none of which seems to me to have any supporting evidence either. I did try to watch a video where Corey apparently replied to the criticisms of his work but I just could not watch it – it was just too awful and slow for me.

Next. Joseph P. Farrell. Joseph is generous in his provision of information – he is a very competent researcher and has assembled impressive information on aspects of the UFO field that look very accurate and clear – particularly since he takes the sort of approach that I appreciate: both the social, historical and technical all meshing together to make a coherent picture.

Here is one example of Joseph on a radio show- there are a lot of vids of him on Youtube.

This is Joseph’s website:
Yes, I know the title sounds new-agey but check out his vids, you won’t be disappointed.

His books also appear on Adventures Unlimited Press website run by David Hatcher Childress, another author well known for his works in this field. To be honest, I am not sure what to think about David, I'll leave that up to you - but he does have a lot of books etc. for sale. 

Finally, the place where almost all of the UFO/Altsci people can be found, Project Camelot.

Note that the folk running Project Camelot are careful not to offer critique of anyone who may appear wit hwild tales, but rather they seek to document and record these people – so that you can judge for yourself, and there are a LOT of interviews on the Camelot site - so I really cannot give it a rating: each perosn interviewed must be judged individually.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Land Beyond Part 2

Cosmic Disclosure: Corey Goode and David Wilcock : Good but . . . .
(on Gaia TV )
I am undecided about Corey: some parts of his story are very hard to accept such as what he calls the “Twenty and back” where young people serve in space for twenty years then are reverse aged and memory wiped so that they remember nothing of their time – and then return to the almost the same time they left to serve, thus nobody knows about it. Corey says he is an unusual one as his memory wipe didn’t work – or maybe something or someone gave it back to him. He doesn’t exactly say.
Never mind anything else, this is hard to accept. I understand that as a teen myself I wished that I could fly around in space and meet aliens and so on . . . . so it would be easy to imagine it all . . . . . and yet Corey comes across as genuine.If that means anything.

So I give him an “undecided” because I think that some of what he claims is true . . . . and wait to see if any more will be confirmed. Somehow.

The Secret Space Program story neatly combines several threads together: first it claims that all “spiritual technology” is denigrated here in the west because it really works and can be used to do all sorts of amazing things that can also be enhanced using technology. Of course, since it has military applications it must be denigrated and ridiculed in public, right?

Then there is the group of claims that there is an entire series of space colonies populated by humans out there: Mars, the moon, the Asteroid belt, all the way out to the Oort Cloud – there are said to be more than seven million humans on Mars alone.

There are also hundreds, thousands, millions of alien races – all of them basically humanoid in shape but otherwise varied in colour, shape and so on. It’s a big, busy galaxy and we are a stop on a cosmic “silk road”.

The whole of our science is basically faulty : the universe is primarily electromagnetic, there is no speed of light limit and space travel is commonplace.

Not only that, but there are portals or "wormholes" everywhere too: some are natural but there are plenty of artificial ones that can be used to travel instantly across space to other planets etc. etc.

His story matches diverse elements from history into a coherent whole – for example, supposedly some Germans before and during WW2 developed secret flying saucers but those responsible left Germany and Hitler’s people long before the end and moved to a base in Antarctica where the easily defeated Admiral Byrd and his forces during “Operation High Jump” - which is well reported, although the exact details are not clear.

Things like this make me think either he is good at assembling history into a neat whole, or he really does have some serious inside information.

For me at the moment, the big question is whether “spiritual technology” is real or not.
I can take it a step further though: even if there is a “spiritual realm” or “higher dimensions” that we can connect with, if I can’t sense or connect with these in some way it is meaningless to me.
This is not about logic or science, it’s simply experience.

Yes, I have had dreams where I floated around and seemed to be looking at the outside world – but there was no information gained that could be confirmed later in the waking world – so it might as well have been all just a dream, and that is the cruncher: whatever other worlds may exist in dreaming or some other state, if it does not connect with or somehow have meaning in the real world, it is no more than “brain farts” as some people call dreaming.

I admit , I would like to believe in what Corey is saying, but I have no supporting evidence about any of it apart from a few indirect real historical events – or other YouTube vids which have the same credibility problems as Corey’s own claims. Yes, there are a group of YT channels or presenters that seem to be all singing from the same songsheet – There is “The Event”, Corey and others I can’t recall at the moment - all provide mutual supporting evidence and promise The Event is coming soon when all the bad boys will get their just deserts – and of course I would be happy to see some of the horrors of our world ended and the perpetrators on trial, along with the secrets brought out into the open so we can save our planet and ourselves . . . . . but it does seem to be all very optimistic too, and totally unlike any time in the past. I would welcome an end to the ignorance of this current age, but hope will not be enough to bring that about.

Corey makes amazing claims but has no supporting evidence apart from a few other people who have appeared on his show – and they don’t seem to have any material evidence either.
For me, his credibility is not helped by working with David Wilcock who I have decided is totally outside my reality: he is something like a religious preacher - he makes grandiose claims but just like Corey has no, I repeat NO solid supporting evidence – and when people make claims such as he recently did about some sort of apocalypse that only “the pure at heart” will survive I must call it bullshit – because there is no historical precedent. It is true that things happen that don’t have any historical precedent, of course, but I will wait and see. 

It seems that I am a very un-spiritual person, not having any memories of past lives or recall of out-of-body journeys etc. etc. and despite my time as a church member Jesus never saved me, and I don’t think any of that will change in a hurry. Maybe I’m just a young soul who is only on my third or fourth life. :) 
 I just don’t accept anything blindly and to me “faith” is a con. Faith gets people all expecting things so that they might even delude themselves into making things appear in their own imaginations: it’s a sort of self hypnosis.
I don’t do faith. Give me something real, or admit it’s fiction.

I bought David’s book, “The Ascencion Mysteries” but I can’t read it, but that is much better than “The Law Of One’ which he draws a lot of his ideas from in the book. It is available free on the net: but it is really unreadable. I stopped reading it when it got to a part where it said something like “The Pyramids build themselves”. It’s worse than legalese too – the way it is written is quite, well, alien.

So why do I still watch Corey and David? Because it is an entertaining story. It expresses what I concluded myself as a child – that we are just a little ball of dirt at the edge of a big galaxy and it is full of life and living beings travelling, trading and doing whatever else they do . . . . we are just a handful of primitives down here who are just not getting out there yet, for some reason. The very idea of a dead, empty galaxy has always been silly to me: as I wrote ina previous post, why do our scientists assume they have discovered everything and that there is nothing out there because their instruments can't pick up anything? It's foolish. As silly as the speed of light being a limit.

I guess I’m still hoping that somehow something will turn up that provides some better evidence supporting his claims. There are oddments that might indirectly support some of the claims but nothing concrete . . . . and none of it really relates to us real folks living down here on Earth, which is the bottom line of it all: how does this story relate to me? Nothing in the story has direct meaning for my life: no UFOs ever dropped in on me or put on a show even when I tried with the help of others (but that’s another story) - but if you want an intriguing story that reads like grand sci-fi, check out the show - and if you do find something that does support the SSP story, let me know, huh?