Friday, May 31, 2013

The Golden Android

If anyone is wondering where all my time and money go, here it is: my first 3D produced "graphic novel", titled as above.  I  have put it on DeviantArt in low res with watermarks on all pages so you can read it, but if you want the real thing you will need to buy it when it's done or pay by the page which might be expensive (but who am I to complain? this is not a cheap venture folks*).
I decided to use DA since you don't need an ID to look at the pictures unlike Renderosity which does, but then I still post there too since it is where I get a lot of good feedback and a lot of the models used came from there.
Of course, all comments are welcome: critical or otherwise.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A few bits . . .

Been busy with my 3D graphic novel so I haven't posted for a while so things have accumulated:
Here it all is in one lump:

1. DSM V hits the shelves and it is exactly as many people warned: read the dirt here.

2. Bleeding obvious no.2 : Diversity of lifeforms is essential for survival.  . . . or put another way "Something other than adaptation is driving evolution".   

3. Video: "Theorist and de-growth activist Charles Eisenstein talks about the benefits of a 'gift-based' economy. He argues that such a model aims to bring about a workforce driven by passion rather than coerced by money and profit and he highlights certain co-operative schemes already proving the ideal can be made real"    - here.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mon(k)ey Business

I have been following the whole "economic" situation for a long time, as should anyone who cares about their future: Bitcoin is the most recent development. You can read more about it here from WIRED. A very good article and carefully thought out.
What I don't see written anywhere is what seems to me to be an obvious problem with Bitcoin or any other virtual currency that is "secured" by an encrypted number: computing power is always increasing, so if your money is kept secure by an encryption, eventually those with enough Megaflop muscle will be able to hack it, and fake it. 
On the other hand, if that distant event  can be kept as far into the future as possible,  we can probably expect  some sort of VC (virtual currency) to take over from the present mess simply because there are so many parasites and gamblers sucking value out of the world's currencies that it will be necessary just so people can survive.
None of that will solve the basic problem though: the problem of humans wanting to gamble - or worse still, wanting to get money for nothing. Even providing employment for everyone won't fix that, no, what is needed is a trade system that cannot be speculated upon. The alternative is to provide a speculation system that is disconnected somehow from the real economy (consumery) so that the loonies can gamble all they like without wrecking nations or currencies.
Well, that's a nice idea. Not sure how you would do that.
If you think I'm cynical about economics, you should see what Max Keiser has to say.
Search "Keiser report" on Youtube.