Saturday, August 5, 2017

A little ignorance . . . . .

This is an example of ignorance that I chose because it is typical of the simple minded folks who really don't want to kow the truth. This is a dramatic oversimplification of complex matters.

Space suits such as the astronauts wore for the Apollo missions  would not protect you from the radiation in the Fukushima reactor because they were never designed to protect against that strength of Gamma radiation.  Note that the author does not seem to know the difference between Gamma rays and alpha and beta rays such as would be found in the Van Allen radiation belts - or that the Apollo missions only passed through the very thinnest part of the belts - ah, but that is all too complicated, right? 

The moon missions went through the belts very near the north pole. Note also that NASA has sent satellites through the VanAllen belts.

Lucky is the fool who did not put his name to this work.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Land Beyond Part 3

Since my last post there has been a big blowback directed at Corey Goode and David Wilcock of “Cosmic Disclosure” on Gaia TV website for not providing any real supporting evidence for the claims made in their show.
I’m not going to get into that here, except to say that I have found more careful, evidence supported analysis from others – and thus for this episode, the few who get good scores from me.

First, Richard Dolan. Richard has a good analytical approach to the whole “UFO Scene” - he has a lot to say and it’s carefully though out. 
Plenty of Youtube vids to get you started, then
Richard is one person who has expressed skepticism about Corey Goode and his associates, and noted what appears to be a lot of connections to the “new age” ideology, none of which seems to me to have any supporting evidence either. I did try to watch a video where Corey apparently replied to the criticisms of his work but I just could not watch it – it was just too awful and slow for me.

Next. Joseph P. Farrell. Joseph is generous in his provision of information – he is a very competent researcher and has assembled impressive information on aspects of the UFO field that look very accurate and clear – particularly since he takes the sort of approach that I appreciate: both the social, historical and technical all meshing together to make a coherent picture.

Here is one example of Joseph on a radio show- there are a lot of vids of him on Youtube.

This is Joseph’s website:
Yes, I know the title sounds new-agey but check out his vids, you won’t be disappointed.

His books also appear on Adventures Unlimited Press website run by David Hatcher Childress, another author well known for his works in this field. To be honest, I am not sure what to think about David, I'll leave that up to you - but he does have a lot of books etc. for sale. 

Finally, the place where almost all of the UFO/Altsci people can be found, Project Camelot.

Note that the folk running Project Camelot are careful not to offer critique of anyone who may appear wit hwild tales, but rather they seek to document and record these people – so that you can judge for yourself, and there are a LOT of interviews on the Camelot site - so I really cannot give it a rating: each perosn interviewed must be judged individually.