Friday, April 24, 2015

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.

I always thought Farcebook and Twitter (it doesn't need a parody name) were corrupt, but the level of corruption is well beyond what I thought. Have a read of this:
The Bot Bubble

It details the work going on in a company in the Phillipines where staff create fake Farcebook accounts, roughly one every three minutes,  which are then sold on to click farms.
Amazing stuff.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I'm with Neil

Yesterday there were protest rallies in our major cities by anti-Islamist group calling itself "Reclaim Australia", counterpointed by vocal group of counter-protesters.
See here and here in The Guardian for details.

What is the big deal? It's all about religion, or personal beliefs and how they affect others.
Perosnally I cannot see where Islamic beliefs have any effect at all on modern Australian white folks apart from their visibility in our shops and streets.

Recently I read an article, I think it was on The Verge where Neil De Grasse Tyson defended Scientology by saying that it is no different from the numerous other religions around  - and therefore has the same rights to exist as them. The point he emphasised was that any religious belief must be allowed provided the believers don't try to force their beliefs on everyone else.

I'm with Neil: I don't think any religion should have tax-free status but I agree that  any religion or set of beliefs has the right to exist. 
Our planet is spead with different groups who all live according to differing sets of local rules but there are principles we all have in common and these are what we share.  Personally I don't believe anything and have made a point of detailing my disbelief but it seems my un-religion is not very popular, and I'm guessing that it is because people like the idea of shared fantasies of importance. 

The intolerance of other people's beliefs is creating a big stink. These people are stirrers and worse still they are deluding themselves if they imagine that Australia is going to become some sort of White anglo paradise: it never was, and never will be - and it certainly won't become an Islamic state unless some Islamic nation invades us, and I really can't imagine why they would want to do that.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Max Headroom

Do you remember Max? Here is a page devoted to the show and Max, with details of what happenned and why . . . . . it was one of my alltime favourite Teevee shows as it mocked the media madness . . . and was strangely prescient for it's time. Enjoy it here courtesy of The Verge.

. . . . and don't forget "Paranoimia" by Art Of Noise.