Sunday, December 6, 2015


I confess, I have not watched teevee for a long time - well, okay, I watch something while I eat dinner  - but not SERIOUSLY watching any shows for years. No kidding.  . . . . . until MR. ROBOT.

But don't take my word for it,  have a look for yourself. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Secret War

Here is my "conspiracy theory": The Secret War is the real war, the war of the rich on the poor. This war is not fought with guns and bombs as much as it is fought with insult, uncaring and blatant attacks on everything that represents caring, kind society.
It is working because the warmakers have all the money and power to prosecute it: they have even managed to convince some of the "enemy" (those who are not really, really rich) to attack their own fellow commoners with the same kind of elitist intolerant crud they spread themselves.

The clearest evidence for this war is the activities of big money: but let me make myself clear here, those who do these things are not necessarily deliberately settting out to destroy, they are are not even that smart or deliberate: they only want to make more money even though it is insane to destroy whole countries for a few more luxury yachts - but there is currently no control system or force of international policing that will find and either stop or prevent this insane behaviour from continuing.  

Once again, the horrible truth of human nature is exposed: we are quite limited in our intellectual capacity but there is no shortage of madmen and idiots in positions of control who are content to carry on abusing their fellow man.

Of course, most of this won't matter in the long term as the oceans rise and the price of oil rises too: we can almost be certain that the latter issue alone will provoke wars and thus lead to massive depopulation (which might even slow down the destruction of our ecosystem ) but none of that will make humans any smarter, or more importantly, any wiser.  A massive superintelligent computer devoted to fixing our mess would not be so bad in comparison to our track record - but then what humans are going to happily surrender national and international control to a machine?  We couldn't build one anyway.

A Real Sci-Fi Story

Check out this story. Who needs cheezy Sci-fi movies when reality is so amazing if you just look into history?   It might even make a good movie with the settings and props maded to look futuristic.

From Scott Adams (he of "Dilbert" fame) comes this article: "How to beat ISIS with a hoax"
What do you think: is Scott's analysis of human nature and media true?