Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now with Google Everything !

Welcome! This is The Empty Header II because I did have a blog over at LiveJournal of the same name for several years - but for no apparent reason it has disappeared. Lately it has been quiet but I had a lot of content there so I can only hope that it does reappear long enough for me to transfer any good stuff over to here. Of course, this site lacks some of the features I came to enjoy over at LJ, but that's life. As always, if there's anything you want, just let me know in the comments.

Update:  On my desktop machine, the LJ page is there as usual, yet my laptop cannot access it. Well, sorry LJ, but that's just nuts: if nobody but me can read my blog and only on some computers, what the heck is the point?  I'll put links to it here but from now on this will be my main blog.
Thanks for reading. 

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