Thursday, September 13, 2012


Something new to me: Cellulose Nanocrystals made from wood.  These are supposedly stronger and cheaper than Kevlar or carbon fibre.  Assuming they can seal it against water penetration (and I am betting they will) this stuff would become the basic construction material for vehicles, houses and airplanes . . . . and use up whole forests worth of trees as a result.
 Is this a great thing or a catastrophe ?  Probably a combination of both, right?
Also,  everyone will know by now that Apple has brought out the iPhone 5. It has a different size taller screen than the old models: round here, there seems to be an endless series of shops or stalls peddling phone covers of every size and style  - so there will be millions or probably billions of plastic and rubber phone covers heading for the dump.
Oh, don't forget that it also has a new dock plug: so all those gadgets with the old dock connectors will be junk too. Apparently there will be an adapter available from Apple (but probably not cheap!)
Finally, maybe we can make "force sheilds" so favoured of the Sci-fi writers for space travel.

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