Friday, December 7, 2012

A Failure Of Ethics

Today, two articles from SMH that point the finger at what I see as the main problem of our western world, both from the same edition.

First, Ross Gittins writes about America's ethical failure here:

"Jeffrey Sachs, of Columbia University, is one of the biggest-name economists in the world. Yet in his book, The Price of Civilisation: Economics and Ethics after the Fall, he admits America's greatest problem is moral, not economic. Actually, he says that at the root of America's economic crisis lies a moral crisis."

. . . . and in this article we find out how crazy and completely undemocratic our Australian political system can become, where thanks to one religious zealot, our children are not permitted to attend ethics classes  -nay, the children and parents are not even to be informed that ethics classes exist until they have opted out of "religious education". This is after said zealot wanted to abolish ethics classes . . . . . .

I noted this as a child: we may have progressed technologically, but it sure looks like most of the human race is still mentally in the dark ages.
Imagine a Toyota Prius hybrid complete with GPS navigation drives past, and on the door is a church symbol: that is our world.

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