Friday, August 2, 2013

Data Vampires

A more reputable vampire
Okay, I'll admit here that I am not "a great socialite"  - or putting it in a different way, I prefer action to jaw flapping or thumb tapping. Empty vessels make the most noise, of course.

First there was Farcebook asking for my personal email password, schools I attended, places I worked and pretty much anything they could get . .  no, no and NO again. One day someone will give me a decent reason for providing personal information like what school I went to . . . and I will provide it - but this bunch of data vampires don't even pretend to have a good reason.  
My email password? weeeeeellllll, maybe if I was fifteen and stupid you might get it but I don't fit either category.

And now . . . . . a new scavenger has appeared, someone gave my name to LinkedIn and they tried the same thing, I ask you, dear reader,  what would YOU say if some strange kid turned up at your door and said "Gimme your email password dude, I promise I won't tell anyone else or keep it, honest!" : Would you trust him?

For me, "Networking" is what PCs do. Humans get together and talk in the real FIRST so that you know who the heck you are sending a message to - and what was wrong with email? Why are we supposed to need Yet Another Stupid Messaging Program? (Worse still, some are so full of holes that they are regularly hijacked by children for their entertainment!)

I do keep a Farcebook ID so people can potentially find me but I don't get any messages from there except to tell me that a freind has written something on his page . . . . . maybe over the long, long run (years) someone will actually find me through FB but I am beginning to doubt it. Apart from those who knew me already I have made zero new friends on FB because almost none of the people I contacted via it were prepared to meet me as real people - apparently because they weren't.

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