Thursday, October 17, 2013

What, Me Worry?

First, a small matter : I have just spent ten minutes being unable to find where to post to my own bloody Blogger page. Google, please fix this, I was about to quit in disgust and go back to my old, old site (that is still in existence) because Google Plus has made it so hard for me to find anything.  I don't care about all that other "social media" stuff, why did you remove the link to my already existing Blogger pages so tht I can't even post to my own blogs? Do you secretly want to get rid of Blogger? Why not just come out and say it?
But enough of that.

These two pages are from Der Speigel, translated from german. Read here critique of the way "economics" has gone insane and will lead us all into catastrophe if you haven't already figured that out.  When money is disconnected from earning and fair trade,  nothing can stop the nosedive of economies into the hard concrete of reality. 
It doesn't matter how much money you print, it's still worth nothing . . . . . .

Page 1 here . . . . Page 2 here.

But then it looks like the whole darn system will have to come to bits before people actually are forced to fix the mess. 

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