Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ghosts with s**t jobs

Here's the link to an indie movie I just enjoyed ($7 rental on iTunes) -  It's in 2040 and only China is wealthy, the US is poor and Americans in the story live on half a shoestring and hope to emigrate to China some day. Funny and ironic, I enjoyed it greatly. Check out the "human spam" and a guy whose job is the go into a virtual world and blur out the advertising to cover copyright restrictions.  
Pointed out by the always interesting Boing Boing

Also on the subject of those living at the bottom end of America, check out this blog posting. It clearly shows a number of the attitude factors of poverty and how it is very hard to get out of it.

For me the main factor is how the woman points out that her family live from week to week,  month to month: without resources to plan for the future, there IS no future.
Although I now count myself free of the grinding poverty of earlier years, I still have no great future expectations since that level of reserves is just not available to me.  Own a house? don't make me scream. Young people here can't afford a first home, never mind someone like me.
Retirement? I will be happier to have a job since our government system has decided to punish the poor even more than before... but being an oldie in a world where jobs are disappearing quickly, that may not be easy . . .
When they push up the retirement age I may be longer on "unemployment benefits" which are so low that you probably cannot live decently on them unless you move to the country (which has it's own probems e.g. lack of medical services, which as a "senior" you may well need) - ah, but what IS government for?  Anyone out there really know what government is really supposed to be doing for it's taxpayers and citizens?  . .. or is that another one of those slippery subjects?

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