Thursday, December 19, 2013


Over the years that  I have owned an iPhone there have been occasional odd moments where on opening it, an odd app would be running even thhough I have not used it. No big deal.  . . . but yesterday was a non-trivial fail. I was listening to my music on my iPhone and for no reason that I am aware I got a blast of a Beyonce song . It shocked me, not because it was so bad (it was crap, but that's not the point) : it came from the iTunes store and I never even use that app on my phone.
Either someone has hacked Apple's software in an intrusive way, or it is a bug in iOS. 

. . . . but then the whole mobile internet thing just never seems to be very stable.  I try to connect my laptop to the phone for internet access each morning on the train and some days it just won't work. At one time I set it up to connect laptop to phone using wireless but that just stopped working within a day or two by itself for no reason that I can discern, so it's back to the cable connection . . . . and even then some days it just won't work.  I'm just glad I don't depend on it for some important stuff or work related data or I'd be up the creek.

Is anyone reading this? Probably not.  I don't care. If your only measure of success is popularity then you are a tragic fool.

Apparently the thing to do these days is to follow other people on Twitter, only that will mean that you are just soaking up the same crap as they want to feed to you, complete with concealed adverts and promotion of ideologies you probably don't even recognise.
Give me the full net any day: at least I can choose my own opinions about things and have pictures and so on.  Ninety percent of everything on the net is crap, so the story goes: it's pretty close to correct.

I'm really not a "following other people" kind of guy. Give me some intelligent discourse instead.

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