Saturday, January 11, 2014

Instruments . .

These come from "Futility Closet", an interesting blog I just found via BoingBoing.

This is not unique, of course. I realised a while back that my own nom-de-net had been "borrowed" from another person . . . . . but I have never recieved any communcation from said person, so I assume that it does not matter.

This just might be the source of the "King Kong" story . . . . .

Music for today: Art Of Noise
I bought some of their music on the iTunes Store but hte record I really wanted "In Visible Silence" does not appear there.  What is really strange though is that some of the songs although named the same are completely different, specifically "Instruments of darkness", which includes a chunk of spoken word from a South African Politician in the version I remember.  eventually I got the orogianl recording n a vid and stripped the soundtrack off it to get the songs  . . . . must be some political footsie going on.

Finally,  Relax.
Some songs just stick in your head, and today I honour what to me is the sexiest song ever: RELAX by Frankie Goes To Hollyood. It still sounds good to me today.

I don't even need to give you a link, you can already hear it in your mind, right?
Happy 2014 Frankie wherever you are.

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