Friday, February 14, 2014


I really cannot quite believe this article: it is just too bombastically amazing.
While the machinery of megabank automated theft continues, this rich guy is complaining about paying taxes - you know, those things that pay for roads, security, defense, basic welfare (well, maybe). Funnily enough, he seems to be making the case FOR persecution of the ultra-rich by his stupid statements.

I think there are definite problems with American society and western society in general  - but I see most of those problems as the result of too many greedy immoral people getting extrememly rich by what can only be described as criminal activities such as Ponzi schemes or making extermely addicitive food simulants that turn addicts into balloons.

But hey, people are supposed to just stop eating it, right? Just like they can all go out and get jobs tomorrow and stop collecting welfare right?
The trouble is, it really is not that that easy and never was. 
   Even in you are not a human blimp or crazy or a drug addled loony it is still a lot of work and a long term gamble just to get a job, let alone one worth keeping -  because the jobs are disappearing at a stready rate, being replaced by machines and cheap foreign labour. 

Much of this criminal profiteering works because the corporate machinery has made use of the weaknesses and character traits of  the human customers and current human societies. 
So successful are they that now 99 percent of America is being drained by these vampiric monsters - and it does not look like anyone, even the US President himself, can do anythng to stop the vampires.

Read it here and be amazed.

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