Saturday, February 28, 2015

Not a Bad Network after all

Oh yes: I'm now connected to our NBN and contrary to the previous claims, my service is plenty fast enough. It varies depending on the number of users, of course, but right now I'm getting 23.6 Mb/sec down and 35.3 up which is quite sufficient for anything I have in mind, and as the hour gets later and folks go off to bed it gets faster : I have spotted 1 GB/sec on occasion.
Pretty good, even if they gave us no choice.

I hear rumours that a new, more draconian regime relating to content is coming so the message to you, dear reader is this: get rid of anything that might be considered "copyright infringement" on your computer now, andsave yourself misery later.  Make sure that you secure erase that nasty stuff too: regular trash delete only removes the first few bits of a file and it can be recovered again.
It might sound a bit paranoid, but this is result of laws bieng passed in other countries who then bulldoze local governments to follow along if they want to trade with them.
Personally I think the whole thing is getting way out of hand. Consider a simple theoretical situation: years ago an overseas friend of mine sends me an ebook as a gift. I don't kow if it was purchased legally - how can I find out now? The person who sent it is not there any more.  If I hold onto it I may suddenly get walloped with a court case even though I have not read the thing for years and have forgotten that I had it . . . . . . so as I said above, just delete anything that even might be illegal now and save yourself a whole lot of trouble. I wonder if someone steals my own work and I have a "C" symbol on it, will they police my work for me with the same rigour? Somehow i doubt it.
See here for more on this issue.

One of my previous favourite sites (Ars Technica) that provided good info on personal computer security and tech news has recently become a strong supporter of GE with ongoing articles about GE's latest developments. I do hope this does not mean they are now owned by GE and will only provide plugs for them. Yeah, yeah, journalistic integrity is a nice idea but who pays the bills, right? Tell that to Woodward and Bernstein.  I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with GE, (although I think GE Money is evil  - but no worse than any other payday loan sharks) - I just like to imagine that my sources of information are more of a rainbow of viewpoints rather than just one shade.

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