Saturday, March 21, 2015

The wonder of reverse image search

I have known about it for a while now but only recently I have found some use for TINEYE.

Tineye does "reverse image search": what that means is basically that you can give it an image and it will find all of the places that image can be found on the net. Useful? well consider that you have a low res picture and you want a better copy of it. You could try using "de-blurring" software on a zoomed up version of hte one you have but the results are less than great . . . . . or you could try Tineye. 
It can also be useful if you make original images and you want to see if anyone else has been posting them without telling you . . .

And now a public apology to my friend S. who really is innocent and didn't deserve the cruel comment I posted previously. I chalk it up to having my trust clobbered recently by being robbed over the net and some other trust issues that I won't discuss here. Suffice to say that I hope things will be straightened out soon.

And now a small cartoon courtesy of The NIB relating to the dire economic situation in certain nations:

Guess the Titanic already sunk huh?

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