Friday, May 29, 2015

Singularity? What singularity?

Have a read of this (courtesy of   Here is the original post by Zeljko Svedic.
I must agree with Svedic's claims: most of the worry about "singularity" or smart mchines are based on anthropocentrism and irrational human ideas. This is the main reason that I have not read all the hype by the fear merchants about this supposed techno-apocalype.  If the machine is so smart why would it bother having anything to do with a bunch of insects?

There is also a whole of baloney about some machine that has the purpose of making paperclips, but ignore that - if it only has the purpose of making paperclips and it has not thought beyond that then it is not intelligent at all, certainly not smarter than a human. We know what the paperclip is used for, and we know the greater purpose of paperclipping: an intelligence does not obsess over one tiny goal, it survey the bigger picture to see what the greater purpose is, and it probably would not care about humans except as a footnote in it's history.

Thankyou Zeljko Svedic.

There is also another lesson here for humans:  Nick Bostrom, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and various other important people are no smarter than you or me.  Don't ever be fooled into thinking that someone else is soooo much wiser than you: none of us are and we can all be fooled and manipulated by emotive content if we are not watching out for it.

Scarey huh?

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