Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bloody Tourists

People in Barcelona, Spain are marching in protest at the flood of tourists that are turning their city unlivable for them according to this article.  This is not a unique thing either: as pointed out in the article, Venice is almost depopulated now: only tourists go there. 
This looks to be disturbingly common - eventually every city with cheap, easy travel connecting it will get this surge of drunken backpackers, rubbernecked sightseers and cheap flophouse dwellers which will make a big mess. This is crazy. Another hopeess attempt to make business that depends on foreign money coming into the country supporting such "industries" as gambling and drinking . . . . leaving a big mess behind.
I agree that we all need jobs but this is not what I call a legitemate industry to keep a country going - not unless the country is something like a tiny pacific island that has no other industries.

Ah, but why worry? soon the housing bubble will burst and the waste matter will hit the ventilation device  . . . .  and maybe the Yanks will start World War Three. . . . . . but the Super- Rich will be fine in their secret hideout in the New Zealand Alps, far from nasty atomic fallout, secure in the knowledge that they have bought their immortality  . . . . a bit like a very old telly show made in Enzed in the seventies, called "The Alpha plan". 

They haven't figured on the locals though: once WW3 hits, tribes of big, muscular, really pissed off  Maoris won't be stopped by electronic gadgets for long - they are a resourceful people, if it's Angry Maoris vs. technogeek billionnaires, I'm betting on the Maoris. ;)

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