Friday, October 7, 2016

Dear Google

Dear Google,
I write to you out of desperation and I'm not alone. 
Years ago I put my money into products from a neat desktop computer company who made good machines and they made the system software to run on them,  which meant the whole thing was more reliable, secure and stable than any other company and let me get on with making computer art, my chosen hobby.
Oh yes, it also let me read news and communicate with others around the world too.
I got the best model I could and paid plenty to get it as good as possible with upgrades . . . . but now the company (guess who?) has decided that  powerful desktop computers with mouse and keyboard are not what they want to make any more: they insist we should all have phones and tablets instead even though neither of these are ever going to be capable of doing what I want.  It's almost as if they don't want me to create anything, they just want dumb "consumers".
The computer becomes Teevee.

For now I still have a working machine but within the next five or ten years (I'm being optomistic here!)  I will need a new one - and the only company that I can see with the power to do anything about this is You, Google. 
Yes, Microsoft has started making laplets but I need desktop grunt and Windows is not the most secure or usable of systems . . . . So how about it, Google? go ahead, steal the Mac Pro (The upgradeable model, not the Darth Vader Trashcan)  market from Apple who doesn't want it anyway - there are a LOT of CG geeks who will buy it if you can deliver, and those guys get paid to do what I do for a hobby . . . . . .

Are you listening, Google? 


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