Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Land Beyond Part 1

If there is one thing the net is good for, it is weird, strange and “alternative” ideas about life, history and science. I don’t claim to be an expert of any kind and I welcome anyone who reads this (yeah, right, as if anyone reads this!) - if you can offer different views or better information to email me and I will happily look at it and amend my reports if it makes sense to me. 

Estimations of Credibility
These are my own estimations of the credibility of various people in the "Alternative" media - even the liars are at least entertaining. Wether any of them are genuine or not is at times impossible to determine because of the clouds of fake information and outright bulls***t about.
Zechariah Sitchin: FAKE.
I tried to sit through one video of him talking about his ideas and almost fell asleep - but that does not affect the accuracy or otherwise of what he says.

Nobody has found any translations of the Sumerian tablets that support all of his claims. Anyone prepared to take me up on this and show me where some Sumerian tapped into his clay tablet something that supports Sitchin’s claims? For him to make all these claims but never support them is just plain quackery. Did he ever write his "corrected" guide to Sumerian that proves his story? No. 

To be honest there are elements of the story in actual approved translations of Sumerian: but that does not mean the rest of his story is automatically true.

Putting it simply, according to him we are the slave race created by the "Annanuki" to mine gold for them to somehow protect their planet "Nibiru" which occupies an extreme orbit that takes it out past Pluto at one end of it's orbit and in near Earth in the other. 

The idea of a wandering planet having humanoids living on it is dubious: if “Nibiru” really had an orbit such as he claimed, the surface would be as cold as Pluto for most of it’s orbit, and the problems only get worse from there: no amount of gold in a planet’s atmosphere would keep it safe in an extreme elliptical orbit as described in his work. Gold might be useful for electrical equipment or even for shielding from radiation in a solid layer ( as sometimes used in modern spacecraft), but even then there are too many gaping holes in Sitchin’s stories for me to accept them as true. 

Part 2 will follow soon.

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