Saturday, April 15, 2017

One step beyond

Okay, did you look at the previous post?
You want to know how to make a really amazing experiment? Take that device and go one step further.  You can see that two forces at right angles to each other create a third, so how about putting a third force in there: won't that produce a force at right angles to all three?

It should not be too hard to imagine taking the ring of mercury and putting it on a shaft with an electric motor on the other end so the whole ring spins, and you would need to put the electric current in with either nonmagnetic rollers rolling on the metal rings or just a copper leaf that rubs on it if you want to go simpler  - but there it is, a third force is now operated at right angles to the other two.

Of course, you don't really want the mercury to fly out so you will need to cover it over too - actually I think it doesn't even need to be mercury - anything that conducts should work (I'm guessing here) but you can spin that ring fast, put two ring magnets directly above and below it instead of the low power design shown  in the vid which is done to make sure you see the mercury moving - heck, up the current as well if you want - but I'm guessing the result will be some sort of 4D force and that would be mind blowing to say the least.

I dare you to try it - but please let me know the results too. I don't have the money or equipment to even copy the experiment shown.  Call it whever you like, just let me know if it works or not.

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