Sunday, July 29, 2018

Personal Transport

Have a look at this:

 . . .  and here is where it comes from:

This is Infento. It is parts you can assemble for yourself into various vehicles and then ride them.
Okay, so it is aimed fiirst at children, but the potential for this is great.
Yes, there is one model you can make from the Master kit that will handle 70Kg riders, it is a trike reclining bicycle (as shown above), so there is definitely the possibility of making something for adults  . . . . or is that "kidults" ?
You won't be winning any races with something made from Infento but that's not the point: just the idea of this is  great, I wish I had this stuff when I was young.

I wanted to ask them when they would bring out an adult version but there doesn't seem to be anywhere on their site to send messages.  Oh well, it looks to me like the joiners are made of plastic and by casting copies of them in aluminium  you could probably get a much stronger kit.

I keep looking at personal transport gadgets on the net, it seems to be a major interest.
I am considering getting something to ride on instead of taking buses, but it still needs to be compact enough to carry on a train easily (not a bicycle) . . . . I considered getting something powered but then you need to recharge it all the time - and it also ends up being a minus because it stops me walking which is big no-no.
Walking is the best exercise in my view - to replace it completely would not be wise. 
I could also get rollerblades but they have one serious problem: you can't take them off quickly and transition to walking for stairs etc.  . . . . . which seems to leave skateboards and maybe their newfangled powered cousins, and the Onewheel. The latter looks to have the best basic plan  - all in one gadget, one big fat tyre so it can go offroad and cushions your travel, but it pricey, in the 2000 dollar plus range. I have also noticed some areas of pavement that would make for spectacular boarding  so even before one tkes to the streets it may be wise to check out the terrain first.
This also brings me to the matter of crapping off. I have a helmet but it is not made for my shape of head and every other one I have seen in shops and tried so far seems designed to fit eggheaded people (literally), not me -  who seems to have a bulging forehead (maybe I am a Metalunan?) that helmets are not available for.  Maybe when summer returns I will practice grazing my knees and falling off wheeled things on weekends so kids can laugh at grandpa on a funny skateboard.

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