Thursday, November 29, 2012

Only in Japan: Giant Mechs on sale NOW!

Yep, the Japanese really know how to impress folks: now on sale is KURATAS, a 4 ton giant mech that you can ride inside.
No, this is NOT a joke, go here to see videos of KURATAS in action. 
For a piddling 1.3 mil you get a steel monster that every Evil Genius will be queueing up to buy . . . oh hang on, the weapons are definitely not mil spec. Ah, who cares? You can crush all opposition anyway! 
Thanks to The Register for this all-important news flash.
( Get yours before the world ends on December 21 and you get a free cup holder !)
I love the Japanese,  can't wait for competing companies to come out with bigger, badder models . . . . PATLABOR in real life ! Woo-hoo!  

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