Friday, November 16, 2012


Have you been into a supermarket lately? Once upon a time, stores that sold food sold - well, actual food, you know : fruit, grains, veges, dairy and so on - REAL food. Now there are whole aisles in the local "supermarket" devoted to fizzy sugarwater "drinks",  "snackfoods" "breakfast cereals" and lollies. The real food component of people's diets has decreased and it's showing in their wastelines and the hospital waiting lists.  . . but nothing is being done about it - because it is generally assumed to be one's own fault, right ?  . . . .
As if that was not bad enough, now real foods are being stealthily replaced by food simulants.

Up until recently I ate a pot of fruit flavoured yoghurt for morning tea at work - then they just stopped making them in small sizes. No reason given, of course - so I went looking for a replacement, and discovered that there are a whole range of sim-yoghurts that proudly claim themselves "98% fat free": this is presented as some advantage, but the horrible truth is that this stuff is not even yoghurt any more. It's hiding in the fine print on the containers, so that you won't read it but there it is: the cheap way to get 98 percent fat free "dairy" product is to make it without milkfat, so they add plant based gums that form a sort of gel with water that resembles the milkfat in the goop. 

I am guessing here but the milkfat must be either very valuable or hard to get because there ain't none of it in these new "dairy" products - but I WANT the milkfat.
 It is important to your diet to get enough complex fats though, and  this synthetic goop is supposedly great to make you "take a dump" and lose weight - ( I know, I work with "diet" products sometimes and I looked up what the ingredients do) but not for those of us who are NOT overweight or on a "diet". 

Of course, all the above assumes that the label is accurate and correct.  I wouldn't count on it: what we are really looking at is Bu*****t from the marketing department designed to cash in on people's fear of getting fat.

Well, I found another way to get my morning tea, but the issue is only getting crazier every year: I'm guessing again, but I suspect that artificial goo like Arabica bean gum and it's gummy ilk are a whole lot cheaper than real food ingredients so we will see more and more of it pre-processed "food" in future.

There is also a whole boatload of justification for Corporations to take this route since they only need point to statistics and say "63 % of Australians are overweight or obese, so we are helping them to lose weight" - which in itself is debatable, but they have more political power than me.
I just call them all Food Simulants, or Simfood for short.
Stick with real foods folks - veges, cereals and grains, fruit and maybe even real cheese if you can find it among the simcheeses. 
 . . . . . . . . and I'm not even going to mention sugar. That's even worse.

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