Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anime Top List No.1

I have spent some time looking at Anime recently and there are a lot of bad ones so I thought I might offer a few that are really good (as in more than just machines blowing each other up or superteens with giant eyes and 5 yeear old personalities).
Of course this list has a general sci-fi flavour to it but that's just my preference. 


***** Mobile Suit Gundam - The 08th MS Team (Series) : This is excellent. It has gundam battles, sure, but it also has a well written story and some really good scenes. Unlike any of the other Gundam videos I have seen. I wish there were more like this.

***** Un-Go (Series) Actually not scifi, more spook-fi or something like that but it didn't matter: it is so well made that it kept me watching until the last episode, and after I was still hoping that more would turn up. Make sure you watch episode 0 (zero) first.
*** Galaxy Express 999 : An older movie,  a boy's adventure during which he attains wisdom.

** Space Battleship Yamato : okay, this one is just plain weird in places, you wonder if it will make sense but in the end it does.  Why Yamato?  I guess it is something very Japanese . . . . it does look great flying thourough space though.  My only question is what the extra bridge underneath the ship was for. (You need to see the movie to get the reference I guess)
**** No. 6 (Series) Post- apocalypse story set in and around an artfifcially perfect city called No.6.
Due to copyright restrictions I could not see the last four minutes of the final episode but that's okay I guess - if you really want the whole thing, buy it.


All of these were what I could find for free on YouTube. I have no intention of supporting piracy or copyright violations  - I am just saying these are great.  More when I find them.

Mobile Suit Gundam - The 08th Team

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