Friday, May 16, 2014

More fun stuff

As stated in my previous post I have been watching a lot of Anime vids lately, mostly from YouTube: I got a treadmill and it is almost essential to me to find something to watch lasting twenty to twentyfive minutes while I stomp and sweat: it is so much easier to make it to the twenty plus minutes when you have something to distract you.  
And now for something completely different:

Mel Brooks

I stumbled on to this vid recently that does not appear in his movie "The Producers" (although it looks like it could) but it is so fabulously awful I just can't resist linking it here. Disco and rap as you have never seen it before . . . . . .

Mel also made Blazing Saddles, Young Frankestein and of course the Get Smart series with Buck Henry.
Mel has always been at his best taking the mickey out of racists and bigots, while making us laugh about it: we need more poeple like Mel around.

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