Saturday, August 5, 2017

A little ignorance . . . . .

This is an example of ignorance that I chose because it is typical of the simple minded folks who really don't want to kow the truth. This is a dramatic oversimplification of complex matters.

Space suits such as the astronauts wore for the Apollo missions  would not protect you from the radiation in the Fukushima reactor because they were never designed to protect against that strength of Gamma radiation.  Note that the author does not seem to know the difference between Gamma rays and alpha and beta rays such as would be found in the Van Allen radiation belts - or that the Apollo missions only passed through the very thinnest part of the belts - ah, but that is all too complicated, right? 

The moon missions went through the belts very near the north pole. Note also that NASA has sent satellites through the VanAllen belts.

Lucky is the fool who did not put his name to this work.

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