Sunday, January 7, 2018


I am not a member of any religion, creed or caste.
(I was briefly a member of the Sydney Atheist society but then it got all too hard to get to and they wanted more money so that was the end of that. Don't even get started on why we need an "Atheist society" in the first place!)

I don’t “believe” anything: why I do is collect evidence and assemble it in a rational way to get glimpses of a bigger picture that I theorise exists. Normally I am content to watch other people do their digging and enjoy the intelligent analysis of people I trust – in general.

Nobody gets all of it right – for example I have heard a number of people making supportive noises about a certain movie that shows (supposedly) a UFO being chased by a USN jet fighter. Then I listened to John Lear give his sixpence worth: he called it BS because it just doesn’t even look realistic and the pilots don’t talk like real Navy pilots. I am very glad that John said it because right from the first time I saw it something looked fake to me but I couldn’t identify all of the reasons why – and he has a lot of experience that strongly suggests it is fake.
But I digress.

For a while last year I was watching “Cosmic Disclosure” with DavidWilcock and Corey Goode – not because I believed it all but because it had a certain entertainment value even though there was never any supporting evidence for the grandiose claims made.

Then there was one day on a bus to work where at least two people actually set out to mock them – to me directly. I won’t bother you with the details but the event stuck in my mind because someone planned that, and it suggested that they needed to refute Corey Goode’s stories to me.
I don’t know anyone who would do that.

The two people disappeared before I could do anything – and besides, I had to get to work.
Those who did it had to locate me to carry this out, which means they have at the very least some surveillance chops – but the big one is why.
Why bother? 

I paid a whole ten dollars a month or something pitiful like that to the host, “Gaia TV” which also has lots of videos about how to meditate and a lot of other "new age" type stuff which I have not bothered with. Does someone want to kill Gaia TV so bad they are paying people to destroy their paying customers or is it something specific to Cosmic Disclosure?

Why was someone watching what I watch on the internet in the first place?
What did they hope to gain?
I have no idea.
So I am left with a big WTF. 

Just so you know. 

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