Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sheldrake’s Ten Dogmas of Modern Science

(1) Nature is mechanical , like a machine – animals and we too are machines

(2) Matter is unconscious

(3) The laws of nature are fixed

(4) The total amount of matter and energy remains the same.

(5) Nature is purposeless

(6) Biological inheritance is material – all of your attributes came from DNA, imprinted behaviours and other material sources.

(7) Memories are stored materially in our brains

(8) Your mind is nothing but the activity of your brain

(9) All psychic phenomena are illusory

(10) Mechanistic medicine is the only one that works. Complimentary or alternative medicines may appear to work but that is just an illusion or happenstance.

 Thanks to Rupert Sheldrake for these. 

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