Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Automated Stupidity

Today's news is full of the drop in the US stock markets caused by . . . . . .  a tweet.
This tweet caused automated algorithms running on stock trading systems to sell shares so efficiently they caused the stock markets to plunge.   Read more detail here

The financial vampires have not gone away folks, they won't until we get rid of them.
Sure, they lost a few members of their team but the rest are going great. The vampires have a lot of power in Washington so the pollies don't dare  attack them. If we had a non- money leader e.g. a King or Queen or something who could hit these monsters without fear we might actually be able to at least control them a little, but the whole idea of a monarchy or non-money leadership of countries has been given a bad name by that same bunch of vampires and their well-fed consorts.
Remember, "blood" is addictive. 
These bloated parasites who contribute nothing to our society since they don't produce, manufacture or even invest (?) in anything have now reached the amazing situation where they "must" use automated trading to compete against each other in the race to suck the financial world dry ( . . . . and thus ultimately destroy all those who actually work honest jobs to create the things we need to eat, wear and work with. ) 
Recently I have seen  it promoted that the answer is for everyone to become a vampire: "Sink your riches into the stockmarket, get your free money now !!" (Note the word "sink"!)

Personally, I find the whole thing hilarious, I'm laughing all the way to the graveyard.

The sooner we can get our real living needs and real budget away from these vampires the better: but then the whole thing will probably need to collapse completely first, and even when a new social order is created, you would probably need to threaten people with instant death to prevent some people scheming to get free money.
No, not everyone wants a free lunch, just the stupid and greedy ones. 
Just remember that parasites are not intelligent folks: You never saw a vampire buying sunscreen did you?

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