Friday, April 12, 2013

Everything's goin' south . . . . .

First, I must mention that I don't own a lot myself: no cars, houses or shares.  I don't really want any of that stuff either since it seems to me that most of it is as much a burden as it is a supposed source of money - I ascribe to the view that "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" (or tanstaafl", usually attributed to Robert Heinlein).
To put it another way, we have a society where the obscenely rich have organised for themselves a money flow from everyone else and it has only got worse as things have failed due to this activity.

Read one article on the Beltway Vampires here or you can always catch up on the latest global news of the vampires from Max Keiser, who at least tries to make it entertaining. 

I have a problem with the whole "money market" thing: I just don't think it should happen at all.  Anything that can be gambled on becomes another "market" and this immediately leads to it being manipulated by big players who proceed to suck the market dry for no other reason than that they can.

This does not in any way excuse people from sitting around expecting "the government" to provide riches for them, please note: I am not happy about a shortage of jobs for people who want to trade their services fairly for a decent life.  Society is built from fair trading. Note the word "fair". Where does "speculation" come into that? Nope, it does not.  

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